HTML Attitude

Registers an index.html as static entry point. Images and links will be processed by webpack. All assets will be injected as configured.

Aden and HTML

Aden identifies as a webserver and as HTML is a core part of the web, her core integrates the html-weback-plugin to generate entry points from any file. An entry point can be static or dynamic. Static entry points are output to the .dist/public directory. Dynamic entry points will be put into .dist (maybe .dist/dynamic with page paths?). To handle dynamic entry points, like templates that should be rendered on request, each FILE or PATH type page key has an async/thenable key.load() method. This allows Aden to take care of caching for you. In development mode, she will hot load all files and resources, in production she will take care of caching the file contents for you, unless you say otherwise.

If you don't want any assets to be injected into your entry points, you can set { inject: false } in .server.